Dear Thermo


Adiabatic changes occur
when I touch you, my dear textbook.
My heart undergoing isothermal compression;
lungs expanding and shrinking
due to the violent pressure
in my brain’s closed system.
Disturbance by ping-pong balls
bursting all my hope bubbles
before I calculate their composition.
Stress leading to sharp temperature rises.
Eta, epsilon, psi making me sweat.
Enthalpy of my system let down by the
inconsistency of heat capacity values.
The ideal gas law highlighting how
non-ideal the exam is where Maxwell is
sounding like Hasselbalch. Tragedy striking where
calculations are all failing right now but
I am yet to calculate how much I got
work done.

Poetry challenge (3): Painful silence

Hello chemicals,

My third poem for the poetry challenge by Jane Dougherty. This time, the theme is pain – both physical and emotional.

The rule:

you need at least three stanzas of three lines each using the rhyme scheme:

abb acc add aee

I am an amateur so I stick to the minimum therefore, a poem three stanzas long for you!


A cold, dark, lifeless night.

Blood dripping down my arm

while I suppress the painful flow with my palm.


Wandering everywhere; left and right.

Pain, fear and regret mounting

Wondering why, on him, I’d been counting.


This time, I chose not to suffer but fight.

You think you can hurt me; you own my life?

Sorry but I am a woman, before someone’s wife.


Hope that was good.

Enjoy reacting,

The Chemicalist

Poetry challenge (2): circles and cycles

Hello chemicals,

This is this week’s challenge by Jane Dougherty. It was to write a poem in the form of ‘Circles and cycles’.

Here are the rules:

The lines don’t have to be any particular length or number though it is possible to write a circular poem in a strict meter. The essential is that the last word of the line gives the rhyme to the first word of the following line, and that the first line of the poem is also the last.

The image prompt this time:


Photo ©Pauline Eccles

Here is my attempt although I must say this was the most difficult form I ever tried which hopefully explains and justifies why my poem is so short.


Gravity calling,

falling apples and world’s grace.

Embrace the loose sand,

tanned trees and the mind manned,

land with a hollow cavity –

gravity calling.


Lol so short I feel embarrassed.

Enjoy reacting,

The Chemicalist


Poetry Challenge (1) by Jane Dougherty: a Tritina

Hello Chemicals,

I have decided to take part in Jane’s Wednesday poetry challenge to improve my poetry writing skills. Besides, I have learnt that I am more likely to read and write more poetry if it seems more like homework from school rather than just something I’m doing for personal satisfaction and pleasure.

Below is the image prompt using which I was required to write a Tritina. The homework was due for next Tuesday so I am clearly a good student 😉


The three words I chose:

  1. Love
  2. Leaves
  3. Water

Here is the poem, my entry (my first one so not so good):


[ In the wet wearing weather, they are making love. ]

In the wet wearing weather, they are making love.
I cover the sky with my umbrella – only see leaves.
I jump like a frog over the puddles, they feel the water.

They enjoy the early spring, drops of water
trickling down their cheeks as they love
under the grey sky, amongst the damp leaves.

The brown branches, the green leaves,
the sky dull, falling waves of water
add to the beauty of nature – my only love.

Showering love soaks the leaves; water dances.


Finally, if you’d also like to have a go, here’s the link! –

Enjoy reacting!

The Chemicalist