How was July?

Hello Chemicals,

Five days into August and finally I’ve managed to overcome the procrastination to sit down and reflect on the last month. So, how was July? July was good.

I’ve been volunteering a lot with my local library helping out with the Summer Reading Challenge. Today, there’s an event in the library after which I’ll probably write my first blog post for the Hillingdon Libraries blog.

I have my cover letter due next Monday for my mentor and have to write it up this weekend as well as setting some objectives so we can work towards the goals and hopefully achieve them.

I am also writing for The Boar – Warwick newspaper. I have written one article (that hasn’t yet been published but the editors are working on it) and am in the process of writing up my next one. This is so exciting since one of my potential career paths is science communication therefore getting experience writing science press releases is amazing! Another reason that makes me proud I chose Warwick.

I have also decided to write some careers blogs for my role as the Careers and Skills representative that will be published in the Autumn term. I am still in the process of writing them. They’re super exciting since this is another seriously formal platform where I’ll get to use my experience to share with others what I’ve learnt.

I was the Blogger of the July month with Warwick student blogging 🎉. I cannot describe how happy I am to finish my year with such an achievement. Can’t believe a random hobby I began of blogging will be cherished by Warwick in this manner! I wrote three blogs for Warwick in July: how to write personal statements, how to choose your five universities, and one addressing any concerns students might have with regards to fitting in with the Warwick community. So happy that my blogs had an impact and were found useful by people!

My CV is looking good especially since I’ve managed to fit it on a single page. Now only worried about my cover letters really. I have been going a bit easy on research regarding placements but hopefully August is the month to recharge myself and tackle it. If I can get majority of my work done over summer, it’d be easier during year 2 as I’ll have more time to focus on work than placement preparation etc.

Finally, I just can’t believe July is gone and we’re into August! Two months and I’ll be back on campus. I’ve also been accepted for the Warwick Sprint Programme therefore I start a week earlier than others (which if I’m not mistaken is now Warwick week 0).

I now look forward to reading the recent issue of Chemistry World, work on the articles and blogs I’ve committed to, research into placements, continue to volunteer with the library, and birthday is coming. I’m a little weird, I really hope everyone forgets about it because otherwise my family will make it a super big thing that I’m 19 and I really don’t like crowds and attention and just want to spend it reading or something with a mug of coffee.

Some twitter highlights for this month:

Jivan is my Bhangra buddy where after watching her vlog I promised her that I’ll read up on Classics over summer. Like, what the hell have I done. Don’t want to go in front of her without having read about the illiad and the odyssey but like how do you pronounce these words again?

Anyway, those are my favourite ones for this month last month. I’ll blog soon!

Enjoy Reacting,

The Chemicalist





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