Volunteering: post 3

This is for the third day that I attended the Volunteering session (yesterday). Myself and my manager went to out local school to tell students and parents about the SRC and how it all works etc and also sign up students that were interested and had their library cards with them.

It was mad. It began with the school ending and about 50 kids ran up to us simply asking “Miss! What’s this?! What’s that?!” I was baffled and so was my supervisor. It was also making sure I was offering acceptable customer service, making sure none of the gifts went missing as well as any of the books (which meant that I had to frequently turn around to make sure nobody was touching the books).

Many parents and kids seemed interested. Some of them didn’t have their library cards with them therefore we requested them to visit their local Hillingdon library to sign up. Some parents joined the library there and then (for the first time!) and then signed their kids up for the challenge which, I must say, was a disappointment as it didn’t seem like many parents took their kids to the library even though the library services are offered free of charge for the people and to get involved more with their local communities.

We stayed at school from around 2pm clock to 3:45 and signed up around 15 students.

Then we got back to the library around 4 where I stayed until 5pm to assist with the challenge in the library.

Overall, it was a fun experience and I am so glad that I signed up to do this. I genuinely feel so happy that I am making a difference to my local community, getting involved with children as well as learning so many new skills (which seems to be boosting my confidence too).


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