Volunteering: post 2

Today was fun. I felt a little more confident and had more children who were willing to talk to me about the challenge. It was lovely to have both parents and children smiling and joking around.

I worked very fast as well today. I managed to finishing folding all the collector cards and have got all the sticker sets ready for the children for all their six visits. Some parents were super nice and asked me for my name and others said bye to me before going. Some children were also happy about the brochures and because I spoke to them about the challenge.

My manager spoke to me about the opportunity to blog about my experiences and since I already blog as a student blogger for Warwick as well as on my personal WordPress blog, I couldn’t have been more excited about another activity that I am request to get involved with.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the local school with the library team speaking to children about the challenge as well as signing up the ones interested in the challenge.

Overall, it is going as a very positive experience and I really look forward to developing more skills as part of my volunteering activities.

Just a little attempt at the skills I think I am beginning to develop: customer service, organisation, communication, and I cannot think of more. But this is certainly seeming exciting and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll get to do!


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