Volunteering: post 1

Today I went to the library for my volunteering for the first day. I knew most members of the staff already since I am an active member and user of my local library. It was then helping with the admin related work to do with the reading challenge (theme: Animal Agents). I folded up the collection cards that children use to keep track of the books they read as well as preparing the stickers that will be given out to them.

After having spent a year on campus amongst adults – students and professionals – the influx of children was overwhelming at first. It can be quite challenging to work with children therefore it is a relief that they are always accompanied with their parents. It felt quite different since I hadn’t seen this many children all together for a year now but definitely this is going to turn out to be a positive experience since I am now finding myself working with people of a different age group. This would help improve my ability to adapt to different situations and I really hope to speak to more children regarding the benefits of reading and hopefully make some reading buddies!

Finally, the best part – I am actually feeling like I make a difference. This is because often when I am doing my little preparations for the challenge, the library staff gets on with their other work that they have got to do. In this way, I can assist them in managing this summer challenge whilst they are trying to look after the entire library and deal with the users.


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