Concerns regarding skills

Hello Chemicals,

Oh my days, I’ve been so busy procrastinating and doing miscellaneous stuff! I’ll post something about this month at the end of this month. Right now, I just want to write out my super big concern these days.

I am looking for placements to do for my third year and have therefore been attending many events related to recruitment and personal development and the one word that is mentioned in every session is – Confidence.

I am an introvert and shy and where I might have the skills and the knowledge required for the job, I do not have the confidence to showcase them. This means that I can single-handedly screw up interviews because I am the sort of person that has to think before speaking otherwise what comes out of my mouth is super irrelevant, super indecipherable and frankly, super dumb.

I have been advised that it is okay to think for about 30-45 seconds when asked a question in an interview and if you prefer, take a notepad with you. This is such a relief! I am so looking forward to trying out this strategy.

And then don’t even get me started on doing public speaking. Like I can barely handle a one-to-one conversation let alone speaking in front of a group. The last time I tried this, I literally had to say a sentence but the moment I saw everyone’s eyes on me, I muddled up the whole sentence and Lord knows what I uttered. This is another issue and I have been researching into how to best get practice for public speaking. I have read so many articles about how to ace it and they all seem to give the same advice but public speaking is a skill which has to be practiced and it doesn’t feel like a ‘formula’ about how to do it would make it happen.

Yeah, so confidence, interviews, public speaking, talking, –– hard! Not easy for this introvert anyway.

And if a potential employer is reading this, please don’t hold anything against me. It is just a personality type and I hope to find the right employer for myself who will understand this and will give me the time to develop the skills that I require and understand that not everyone is born with the confidence and those extrovert-people skills.

Until I bump into you, dear future employer,

Enjoy reacting,

The Chemicalist


4 thoughts on “Concerns regarding skills

  1. Well said, I agree I also have this issue, but I would suggest one thing that’s helping me get better. This is to find any opportunity to increase your confidence, it could be the smallest thing like asking a question in front of a group. Do it step by step and you’ll get there!! Believe in yourself,you will get there!

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    1. Thank you! I’ll try this too. My voice completely fails me and goes really soft and with such a voice, it can be difficult to get people to take you seriously..I’ll definitely try this though! I’ll try it with people I know and then move onto talking to people I don’t know as much..hopefully that’ll make the change easier for me to swallow.

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